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Manually add Pomodoro
It would be nice to manually add Pomodoro units or even a certain amount of time to a task.
Hi Marco,

What is the pain point that the feature is trying to address?
Hi Xin,
so far is not possible to add time unites to a task, without letting the timer goes. My concrete problem was that I let a Pomodoro run and in the end, it didn't appear in the task duration. So, I lost a Pomodoro in the way, so to speak. If I could add the 25 minutes manually to the task, that wouldn't be a problem. Therefore, I think this addition would be useful for many users.
Thanks in advance!
Got it. Will transfer the use case to the product team for evaluation.
I'd also like this feature. If you forget to track pomodoros but put in xx hours of work it can mess with your stats.
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