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Outlook plugin in your pipeline?
Hi! I am a new user/subscriber and am loving so many things about TickTick! I am in the process of moving from Todoist to TickTick. One thing I'm looking for in an app like this is that I want it to be a pervasive collector of tasks -- matter where I am, I can create a task into my one task-management platform. For this reason I currently love the Todoist Outlook plugin (sadly, I am forced to use Outlook for work).

I don't see an Outlook plugin available, so I want to ask: is it in your development pipeline?
You can get it here

I hope you have better luck with it, I can't get it to install.
Hi there,

Do you receive any messages when you can't install the plugin? Could you please send us a screenshot?
The Outlook plugin is working for me - thank you! Is it possible to set up a keyboard shortcut to create a task from within Outlook?
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