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Notes in tasks?
Hope everyone is safe and healthy!

Trying this app coming from Wunderlist as a pro user.

Cannot figure out how to add notes of whatever length I want to any task. Yes, you can add a limited number of characters as a description. But that is not what I want. In Wunderlist there was a notes section under every task where you could add unlimited characters. This was very helpful for researchers, so you could take extensive notes as needed, or as a freelancer to keep track of job info. I don’t know how to do this in TickTick paid version. Help?

Hi Chum,

Sorry we indeed have character limits for task descriptions. The request and use case will be noted down and transferred to the product team for future consideration.
I did some research and folks have requested this since 2017. It’s mid-2020, so I don’t hold out hope. Seems many upgrades and changes are things I don’t use. This may end up being a dealbreaker in an otherwise pretty useful app. Thanks for the reply. Stay well!
You are free to use the app in whatever way suits you best, but keep in mind that Tick Tick is a to-do app. It is meant to hold actionable items that should be organized and completed. It is not meant to be a note-storage app like Evernote or Notion. I suggest you try to separate tasks and notes because they are inherently different things.

Personally, I use Notion for planning, writing, researching, and storing notes. In that sense, it is an amazing app for that, but it lacks actionable elements of a to-do app. So I use TT for transferring my plans into actionable items and quickly unloading ideas from my brain to be sorted later. If I really need to, I can always drop a link to the Notion note in the description of the task, connecting the two.

If you want to keep using TT, maybe a similar setup could prove useful to you.
Thanks for the response, Phil, but it is not the response I was seeking. As I mentioned in my original post, I was able to jot notes under/within tasks using Wunderlist for years. What I am asking is definitely NOT "inherently different things."

I am not even the first one to request such a thing on TickTick and hopefully, the developers will consider the suggestions from many of us. It's not clear they do, but time will tell.

I've tried ToDoist and Things3 in my search to replace Wunderlist, and even a brand new solution called Zenkit, and all offer that function and even some others that neither TickTick or Wunderlist offered. But I like TickTick in many ways, while seeing much room for improvement. For example, I suggested releasing new functions across platforms at the time of release, instead of just offering some features on iOS or Mac, instead of both.

For what it is worth, I've figured out a workaround from other users who offered an alternative solution until the developers address this. I can live with the workaround, at least for now.

Thank you for the thought and I am glad your option works for you, even though using multiple apps for basic functions wouldn't work for me. Stay well.
Hey Chum, greetings. What workaround have you found for this issue? I, too, am interested.
Where is this limit? I've just pasted around 15,000+ words in to a 'description' underneath the title of a task and it worked fine.

The only place I see a limit is in 'comments' which is designed for commenting rather than adding notes.
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