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Lost premium access
I am a yearly premium subscriber. Today, I used the app several times and all was ok. I just opened the app and I no longer have a premium subscription. I have attempted to restore the purchase but that did not work. I have logged out and back in, deleted the app and reinstalled it and signed back in but still no premium.

I hope your premium account status issue was able to be restored. My case seems to have been resolved since yesterday. No updates or reinstalls required. Just wanted to follow up and to say thanks for the thread bump and best of luck!
Thanks following up, I reached out to them via Twitter and it was resolved.
Lost it again but a code was given to have premium until 6/25/20 but it’s supposed to be until 5/20/21.

I just want this fixed.
I'm facing the same problem.
Hi guys,

Sorry for the trouble.
Could you please try the Restore button again?
I have the same problem, please help.
Same here.
This seems to be a larger issue that thought.
Hitting restore does not work.
Any official announcement? It's been a few days since I faced this problem.
Nothing that I’m aware of. I am looking at Todoist now. I don’t like paying for a service that does not deliver.
Hello guys,

Sorry about that. The devs have tried to fix this problem. Could you please kindly try again?
Today (for now) it seems to no longer be asking me to upgrade, and it says I am already a Premium user, as it should. I did not have to do anything for the fix. Hoping it stays that way. Thanks!
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