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Error in android calendar widget (pro)
Hello TickTick!

The calendar widget for android has a bug:
I set the widget to show events between 6h and 16h, but it hides the first event in the morning (at 6h)
The first event goes from 6h to 6h30, and the widget simply shows an empty space there
But if the event goes from 6h to 7h, then the widget shows it correctly

There's also a second bug, that could improve the user experience:
If I configure the widget to show events from 6h to 17h (or more) the widget will show an ugly interface for all events that last 30min or less
I think it's due to the font size of the text
The events lasts 30min but, since there is no space, the "block" (with the name of the event) will go down and use space from the next event (whose time does not coincide with the event before, so it should not happen in the visual calendar)

Thank you very much for your attention,

Thanks for reporting. We'll transfer to the devs to look into it.
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