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How to delete Pomo blocks?
I left Pomo timer enabled yesterday late at night when finished work. And it counted +8 hours of productive work for me, which is incorrect and spoils the stats. Can I delete incorrectly logged Pomos? Can't fins this ability neither in Mac app, nor Android, nor Web.

RFC: would be great to have an notification if Pomo timer works without interruptions for 4-6-8+ hours, and if no action is invoked then stop it automatically.
Hi Sergey,

Sorry we don't support the option to delete or change pomo numbers. Your feedback will be noted down and transferred to the product team for future consideration.
This is really painful. I just did that again.
Here is the bad UX:
- I want to stop the Pomo timer, I go to the timer and quit it.
- But if that happens during the Break, timer is not actually stopped, it just auto starts the next Pomo block.
- I close the computer, without noticing that timer was not really stopped
- Come next morning and see +9h of focused work at night.... Really?

There really is the need to delete the number of pomodoro blocks, that were tracked wrongly
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