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import > microsoft to do > subtasks not imported
Hi, I'm a Wunderlister user and now I use Microsoft To Do.

I liked TickTick so much that I am now PRO. As Wunderlist was discontinued, I migrated my data to Microsoft To Do, however, importing data from To Do into TickTick is not importing subtasks, only tasks and dates are imported correctly.

Has anyone experienced this problem when trying to import from microsoft To Do?

Cheers, no coronavirus :)

I have exactly the same issue as you. Something needs to be fixed from the TickTick end.

I can't get anything imported from Microsoft To Do.... Really want to jump over to ticktick but this is preventing me from doing this
Any updates on this issue?
I'm facing this issue now and this is the blocker of migrating from Microsoft ToDo.

Here is a screenshot.
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