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Siri integration on Apple Watch not working
When I use Siri on the Apple Watch (s5, 6.2.1) and say “add [task name] to TickTick” Siri says “you’ll have to continue in TickTick” rather than actually adding the task automatically.

Can you please confirm whether this is a known issue?

Same problem. Please fix asap. has been working really well.
For me [s3] I get "Sorry, I can't do that on your Apple Watch"
OK, today I get "You'll have to continue in TickTick". This is really quite annoying. It's only my second day using the app but if I can't add reminders via Siri on my apple watch I'm not sure if I'll stick with it.

Auto-import from Reminders works but I can't choose which list and I don't like my inbox becoming clogged.

Please fix as I think this will be my go to reminders app if this gets sorted.
Hi, is this being looked into?
+1. I’m experiencing the exact same issue. Please look into this. Thanks
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