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Siri integration on Apple Watch not working
When I use Siri on the Apple Watch (s5, 6.2.1) and say “add [task name] to TickTick” Siri says “you’ll have to continue in TickTick” rather than actually adding the task automatically.

Can you please confirm whether this is a known issue?

Same problem. Please fix asap. has been working really well.
For me [s3] I get "Sorry, I can't do that on your Apple Watch"
OK, today I get "You'll have to continue in TickTick". This is really quite annoying. It's only my second day using the app but if I can't add reminders via Siri on my apple watch I'm not sure if I'll stick with it.

Auto-import from Reminders works but I can't choose which list and I don't like my inbox becoming clogged.

Please fix as I think this will be my go to reminders app if this gets sorted.
Hi, is this being looked into?
+1. I’m experiencing the exact same issue. Please look into this. Thanks
+1 Also experiencing this issue, and not sure I'll stay with TickTick if it doesn't integrate with the watch. Would appreciate support looking into this.

Will someone in support please reply to this AND tell us it's being fixed please.
Same here - could you please fix that?
This used to work for me and now I'm getting "Sorry, I can't do that on your Apple Watch." I use this feature heavily and if it's not resolved soon I will cancel my Pro subscription. Please give us a status update.
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