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smart date parsing problem of duration on windows
Hello, I'm big fan of this ticktick app. It's really helpful to organize every work.

For a while, I have used smart date parsing function with quick add. For example, '12:00~14:00 lunch ^Personal'. It automatically sets task as 'lunch' from 12:00 to 14:00 in 'Personal' list
However, the latest windows app( doesn't seem to work parsing duration well.

I guess that ~ (tilde) is used to list assignment. But, why are there two ways for list assignment, ~ and ^?
Hi there,

Thank you for choosing TickTick.
We are afraid this is the expected behavior matching how design works currently. But your feedback about this feature did make a lot of sense, we will pass it along with the team for further evaluations.
Thank you.

I updated to the latest windows version( and duration parsing worked perfectly with tilde(~) as I had expected.
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