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Widget lacking checkboxes
I really like TickTick. It's very flexible, and I also find the widget very handy. But I have three wishes:
1. I would like to have the option in the widget settings to have the checkboxes displayed, preferably in the priority colours, so, with one tap on the widget task checkbox, I can mark that task as completed.
2. I would also like the option in the widget settings to display completed tasks, so I can easily uncheck them if need be.
3. I would also like to be able to select a task in the widget and be able to drag/move it to a new position in the list. (Might need a different system from hold and drag, as that normally moves the whole widget)
Hey David,

1. Which widget do you refer to? If you add a standard widget or week view widget, it will display the checkboxes the way you describe.
2. You may click the gear icon on the widget and enable Show Completed to display completed tasks.
3. This will be noted down and transferred to the product team for future consideration.
Hi Xin
Thanks so much for reply
1. It is the TickTick (compact) 3 x 3 widget for android mobile, which I was able to resize. (And I suggest you could put the TickTick logo somewhere in the top bar to promote the brand). It is not displaying any checkboxes. I have not yet decided whether to go for the premium version, as I have only just started to use TickTick, and I am still learning what it can do. Perhaps the checkboxes only appear on the premium version widget?
2. When I click the gear icon to open Widget Settings, it has the following options: "Style", "List/Tag", "Sort By", "Hide Due Date", "On task click". There is no "Show Completed". Again, perhaps the free and premium versions have different widgets? (As an aside, I wonder why "On task click" is all [bar the first word] in lower case where all the other options are in Proper case?)
3.'s not a deal breaker, but I often need to reorder my lists, and being able to do that from the mobile widget would be really neat.
By the way, I have tried 10 other popular list apps, and for what I need, TickTick seems by far the best :)
Hi Xin

Since my last post I seem to have found a bug with the Android Widget (for free version) on my mobile and a second bug that affects the android widget and the android app:

1. When I create a new task (by tapping the + sign on the right side of the widget title bar) Then, using the small box (without expanding it) I type the task, set the priority, then add a tag and accept. The tag is not added except as "#mytag" text on the end of the task text; eg "Ring Mum#mytag". This bug only seems to happen if I first set a priority before the tag, but not if I set the priority after setting the tag or if I don't set any priority. Also, if I set more than one tag after setting the priority, only the first tag fails; the second/third etc are set fine.

2. If I want to delete a task from the widget, I tap on it to open the edit screen, I tap the three dots menu, and a white section of the screen opens with options. Delete is at the bottom, but only the top the top part is visible and I can't scroll to make it more visible, and it is difficult to select. If I do manage to select delete, the task seems to stay showing for quite a while, and if I select the task again it opens up the trash label, and I can then re-delete it permanently. If I happen to have my phone in landscape position, and try to delete a task, then I can only see as far down as the "Share" option and I can't scroll any further to reach any of the lower options including "Delete". Actually, the same problem happens in the mobile app itself, not just the Widget, though in the app there is the option of holding to select the task, and then the trash can icon appears at the top to allow deletion that way.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts

Kind Regards
Following last update, I found other TickTick widgets some of which do have the checkboxes, and the option to show/hide the completed tasks.

I also note that the bug of not seeing all the menu items is now fixed :)

However, the tag failing problem is still there. Maybe that will be fixed in the next update?
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