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Canbar view drag n' drop task lost
In canban view the panels show weird behaviour. Sometimes newly created tasks go to the second position insted of the first, and dragging and dropping moves them to the wrong position or most of the time just make them disappear. (They're are gone, not in completed tasks or trash.) It's a shared list containing two users, me being a paid user, and the other person a free one.

Short clip showing the issue:

Hoping it could get fixed soon since it kind of makes the feature unusable at the moment. Tell me if I can provide any more information of use.

Mark Bikali
Hi Mark,

Thanks for the clip for the problem. We'll transfer to the devs to look into this issue.
What is the TickTick version you are using?
And could you please provide a screenshot of the List Activites to us?
Found the cause of the issue, and the missing tasks as well. Basically what's happening is I use the app in a small window where the sidebar overlays the open task list. In canban view the drag and drop action doesn't ignore the hidden sidebar and drops the task into an (invisible) other list instead of another place on the same list. Thankfully the problem is pretty straight forward and was easy to recreate, here's a clip of it:

Assuming the win version is a webapp i'm guessing it's thankfully a pretty easy fix, but considering it only comes up in a rare scenario (canban view while in a small window) it's not the highest priority, but I still think it would be great to have it fixed in the next update. Thanks for your work, i hope I could help, tell me If the issue needs any more clarification or I can be of more help.
Oh btw (latest), and List Activities was kind of bugged for me so it didn't really show anything, but since then it started working. It only shows a bunch of "moved out the task" entries, so nothing unexpected there.
Can i get a response please...?
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