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Collision of shortcut keys for changing priority (Alt+Number)

Pretty much every browser out there has the shortcuts "Alt+Number" to change tabs. This collides with TickTick's shortcut to change a task's priority.

This is quite annoying when e.g. you have selected a very important task (priority 3) and then move to the tab 1 by pressing Alt+1 in your browser. Without noticing, this changes the priority of the important task to priority 1, and you may lose track of it completely.

I don't want to know how many tasks I have accidentally deprioritized by using this shortcut...
you can try the windows desktop app instead. i find it better than the webapp and you can use the shortcut alt+number too
Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately I don't have Windows. Either way, the design flaw remains.
Over and over and over again I press alt+number to switch browser tabs, and end up changing the priority as a result.

Can you please add some option to turn it off, or turn all shortcuts off, or anything like that?
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