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Syncing Pomodoro Timers
I'm curious as to whether it is possible to sync the pomodoro timers across devices when started from one.

I have TickTick installed on my iMac, iPhone, Android phone, & Apple Watch. No matter where I go, I get my reminders as scheduled. However, when I start the timer on my iMac or my phone, if I were to get alerted that it's time for my break, I step out of the house either in my balcony, or I go downstairs to get some fresh air. At this time, I don't really carry my phones as I prefer the absence of distractions when I'm out. It would really help if my Apple Watch would be able to track that pomodoro timer that was started on my iMac and show me my time remaining for the break to end and alert me that it's time to work again.

It's a simple concept but I felt a personal example would help. I also understand that when working in teams (maybe) on a single company account, different people on different devices would be running their timers independently, in which case, the present state of the app is perfect for this method of use. But maybe y'all could implement this via the pomodoro settings; something like "Sync pomodoro timers across devices(enable if you are a single user)" or something?

If anyone else finds this useful, please +1 below. I would really appreciate such an option. Thank you.
Hi there,

Your feedback has been noted and passed to the product team for future consideration.
+1! Definitely +1

I’ve actually asked for this as well
i need this. I would pay for it.
+1, would also definitely pay for this.
+1 Also if not disturb mode is enabled would be awesome!!!
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