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Kanban Board
Hai Tick Tick

I found an article form your blog about Kanban Board (

but i cannot find where's the option to activate it form web or android platform, could you help me?
Hi Aryadhimas,

The Kanban view is only available in general lisrtyou created.
Default smart lists such as “Today” cannot be switched into Kanban view.
So you'll need to go to a list you created, click the “…” button at the top right corner of the list and select to switch to “Kanban View”.

Kanban view is not available on Android app yet, but we have plans to add it in future updates.

How do we get more than 2.5 kanban windows/boxes to fit on computer screen without running off the edge and getting cut off? On the web app I can get 4 but on win desktop 2.5 and its does not allow to zoom on desktop so i cant make smaller so apps just run off screen - how do i zoom in and out in win desktop? Or how do i get more than 2. kanban cards on laptop computer? Waiting for you xin.
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