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Feature request: Real subtasks, not a checklist
I understand that some users like using subtasks like checklists, and there are others that use subtasks, as actual subtasks.

I think TickTick should have both, a checklist option, with reminders, and a full on subtask option where the subtask is treated like a full task, with tags, assignments, pomodoros, important levels, commenting, activity history, the full shebang. This would be great for both individuals (parts of an assignment, like research, rough, and final drafts) or teams assigning subtasks to different people to complete a larger task or assignment.
Hi Alex,

Thanks for your feedback.
In fact, subtasks are just like checklists in TickTick. The team is not planning on adding more functionality to them in the short term. But I'll transfer your feedback to the product team to reevaluate.
+1 here
I would live to give substasks not only a time and date but also a duration.
+1 Would love to have sub tasks behave like standard tasks.
And when sub tasks are tagged, we can view them from that Tag list and the sub task will pop up. When we click on the task, it should display its parent task.
Microsoft To Do does this well.

And the ability to have sub-sub tasks.
Todoist does this well.

Extra request:
On Android, (dark theme), for tasks that have sub tasks, the description text font is too hard to read. Its gray. I would like it to be white (same color as the sub tasks).
And the description should be below the sub tasks I think. Similar to microsoft to do.
Thank you
Just found that multiple subtasks contribute to a % complete bar for the parent task. This actually solves my problem.

Instead of making a task:
Discussion Board
- Initial post

I will make a task:
Discussion Board
- Initial post
- Peer Response

P.S. I also found that I can long-press and drag on the due date for % complete on a task, which is awesome.
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