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Wunderlist import not working
Trying to import Wunderlist via the TickTick Web App on Mac OS X 15.1 - click Avatar > Settings > "backup" > Wunderlist Import. A window pops up that says "Importing" & "You'll find all your Wunderlist folders, projects, tasks, reminders there once you authorize the data transfer." but, after a few seconds, I just get kicked back to the home screen and nothing gets imported.

Please advise.

Thanks, j
I'd have to agree with he.
And I emailed you the situation related to this.
Uploading the .json file also produces an error.
такая же проблема. Импорт из wunderlist не происходит
same problem. Import from wunderlist does not occur
Hi guys,

Sorry. There's a server error with Wunderlist so TickTick can't get import from it.
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