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cannot get a refund

I had bought an annual premium subscription a couple of days ago before I could realize that some of the premium features don't work as well as you declared they would.

Now I want to get a refund.

But when I tried to go to -> Report -> I'd like to request a refund, I constantly received auto-reply "We've determined that your purchase does not meet the conditions for a refund".

Maybe you can tell me what the problem is.

And how can I get a promised refund?
Hi there,

Apple doesn’t allow us (or any developers) to process refunds for payments made via their store.
Could you please give it another try or report with another reason for refund?
I've tried many times.

The problem is that all other options redirect to the developer site, except "I didn't authorize this purchase", which is a lie.

With regard to the option 'I'd like to request a refund', I tried to type several different reasons but it looks like it forms an auto-reply anyway: "We've determined that your purchase does not meet the conditions for a refund", no matter what I type.

So, did you have any successful cases with a refund via the Apple Store? I am pretty sure that I am not the first customer with this problem. What do you usually do in this type of situation to provide a refund?
anybody still in there?
I solved the problem by mailing Apple and got my money back.

But you guys have literally the worst online support I've ever seen. It's just disgusting.

Your app actually has good potential and some handy features, but with all these small bugs and unwillingness/inability to rapidly resolve clients' problems your app is very unlikely to be in high demand.

Have a good one!
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