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Tick Tick Update Suggestions (Habits, Scheduling, Task Drag & Drop)
Loving Tick Tick so far! But there's a few small updates that would really help possibly many users.

Tick Tick Updates Suggestions:

- Drag and drop a task from one list to another rather than having to swipe on the task itself and select button options (1 step process and visually useful. Similar to that feature of the desktop but it would be great if this could be allowed in mobile as well)

- Allow the "Today" list to be seen in the Arrange Tasks calendar section drop bar so we can directly drag the Today List onto the calendar that way.

- Allow scheduling habits into the calendar for those habits that are both habits AND tasks. This would be desired by anyone who calendar blocks/time blocks. Habits/Tasks that could be scheduled would be (ex. exercising, reading or other daily routine options can be a habit as well as a task)

- Allow an option to schedule in blocks in the calendar without making it part of the task list (ex. Transportation time or a distraction that came up throughout the day so you can see where that time went without it being set up automatically as a "task"). This would be again helpful to those who calendar block.

- Habits that you can still check off from the same day even if it's past 12 at night (if you have a late job or reverse hours than those who have 9-5 jobs). It won't let me check off a habit when it passes 12 at night but I'm sure people with day or night jobs would like that option to check off a habit on a day whenever is suitable for their unique schedule.

- Easier editing options - overall I applaud the overall wonders of Tick Tick. However, I've been trying to use Tick Tick on the ipad, android phone and desktop and there has been little consistency with the overall app functionality. It's been very difficult to learn on every single platform and is very hard for new users such as myself to learn how to use across devices. More consistency when it comes to navigating through the app would be much more user friendly.

If I've missed any of these features pardon me but if not I think they'd be great tweaks to making Tick Tick a flawless application of its kind. Thank you so much!

Just comments to three of your points:

- The Tasks in the today list should already be in your calender, shouldn't they? So they are ether at the top without a time where you can drag and drop them into a time slot you want, our they have a time already and you can drag and drop from there. But maybe I missunderstand your request.

- I would love to schedule habits. I have 3 of them daily which are tasks at a specific time. So what I did is the habit and a event in the calendar for the same habit as a workaround.

- But one thing I know for sure is that you can check of habits after midnight. Just go to the habit tab and there is a timeline which is set to today as a default. But you can simply pick the day before after it turned midnight and then check of the habbits.

Hi Zen,

I'll summarize my understanding regarding your suggestions above and please correct me if I'm not getting the point.

1. Drag & drop to move tasks to another list on mobile app.
2. As @SoecX mentioned, today's tasks are already in the calendar. So I am rather confused about this one.
3. Show habits in calendar blocks.
4. Create another type of task or event that takes place in time blocks to view the time arrangement of the day but doesn't require checking.
5. As @SoecX mentioned, you can still check habits on previous dates in habit detail view.
6. Editing option consistency across platforms.
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