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Bug: checking off subtask causes reminder date to be pushed back a day
I have a daily reminder to study for an upcoming test. There's a subtask to build flashcards. When I check "make flashcards" the subtask isn't checked off/marked as complete. Instead the daily reminder for the parent task "Study for exam" is pushed back a day. If I click the checkbox on the subtask 3 times, the reminder for the parent task is pushed 3 days.

Chrome, web/ web app / extension
ChromeOS Version 80.0.3987.137 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Hi Alex,

If there's only one subtask within parent task, parent task will be checked when the only subtask is checked. If it's a daily task, next cycle will be generated when current occurrence is completed.
Because the parent task would be considered as completed when all subtasks within are completed.
Thanks, I'll make a feature request.
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