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Timer icon is not displayed for every task
I only understood afterwards that the timer icon is only displayed on the web if the time has not yet expired. Tasks that are already in the past on the day have no icon. But this is awkward, because in the android-app the icon is always shown. Which is logical, because the reminder for repeating tasks also applies to the next day.

In my web application some tasks show an icon for the timer, others do not. Even though the timer is set there as well. I have reset everything and made a new one, but the error remains.
Hi Mike,

Could you please provide a screenshot of the timer you refer to?
Can I set a reminder for each individual task?
Sure. You set the time of the task and then you choose from the options, when to remind you (for example "5 minutes before")
Hi Mike,

This is because the reminder is no longer valid if you set a reminder in the past. But the display of icons should be same on Android and web app.
I created two tasks just as the screeshot you attached. And they display the same on Android app and web app: 18:00 shows icon, 17:00 doesn't.
strange. I tested it again.. and the android app shows the Clock-icon, even if the reminder is in the past. And for me, that is much more better than the other way. Because I have two different kinds of tasks. And I want to see at a glance which tasks have a reminder - Whether in the past or in the future.
Hi Mike,

Sort of confused now. Because I see that 18:00 doesn't have icon and 19:00 has icon in your screenshots. And it's a screenshot of Android app, right?
I am confused too.. sorry :-)
You are right: Web and app have the same concept. But what I found out now: Some single tasks show the icon even though the reminder is in the past. When I changed something in the task's settings, the icon disappeared. I suspect a database error here. But maybe I have to update my OS. then I'll check again.
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