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Completing overdue reucrring tasks
Let's say I have recurring monthly task with due date set to 10th. If I complete it on the 12th march then the next occurence is set to 10th of april. Is it possible to have the next occurence automatically set to 12th of april to include the overdue. It would be great if this was customizable. This is how Todoist worked.
Hi Maciek,

Sorry it's not supported yet, but I'll transfer the idea to the product team for future consideration.
This is needed. You should aim for, at minimum, parity with todoist.
It's funny because others and myself want it the other way round. I have a task that is repeated every Saturday and even if I'm late sometimes and complete it on Sunday I still want the next occurrence on Saturday.

So if you support this feature let us choose what happens to the occurrences between the two options.
Hi SoecX,

I'll pass your feedback to the product team to take into account as well.
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