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Possible Bug Report
Hello! Please see attached GIF, not really sure how to put it in words.
Basically when I try to delete a task from some list, depending on where I pass my mouse pointer, the icons disappear.


Loving the app, this is the only issue I've encountered (and it's very minor). Keep up the good work!
Hi Gianluca,

Thanks for reporting it. We'll transfer to the devs to look into it.
Could you please tell us your system and TickTick version?
Hi Xin, both are updated to the latest versions.

TickTick Version: 3.4.51 (131)
System: Mac OS Catalina 10.15.3

Thank you!
Hi Gianluca,

Thanks for the information. We'll pass it to the devs to look into it.
I have highlighted the items in one list and then merged to another second list. Therefore I expected them to appear on the other second list, but they did not. Have I lost them altogether, And what am I doing wrong? Or is there a bug? The same happens with the move facility. Please help as soon if you can please. By the way, I just have just upgraded to premium. I don't see anything different in the interface. Should I? Thanks. Michael Lawson
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