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Hey TickTick team,

We ( would love to provide an integration with TickTick and let your users integrate with variety of other platforms to bring all their tasks to TickTick.

Here are the requests from our feedback portal:

Please let us know if we can help anyhow.

+1 On this!
Please do it!
Pleexy integration is better than Taskclone because it syncs even after the initial sync with the same tasks: basicaly if you Tick a task off in Evernote it will also Tick it on the TickTick side, and viceversa.

Just awesome stuff!!
Hi Vic,

Thanks for reaching out to us. We'll transfer to the product team to check it out.
+1 Thank you for considering - I'm actually having to maintain Todoist as the intermediary, but am using Tick Tick 100%. Tick Tick is absolutely hands down the best app. Pleexy access would be awesome!
+1 Pleexy is an outstanding feature. They work with Todoist, Wunderlist and now are develoing MS Todo.... TickTick can't stay behind. Their Outlook, Evernote and Trello integrations are fantastic!
+1 for Plexy and Public API!
+1 if TickTick does this they'll pull a lot of users over from Todoist. TickTick is better in almost all aspects except for integrations.
Is it planned? If so, what is the estimated delivery? For us it's critical feature to decide if we are going to use Todoist or TickTick.
Thank you
Yes, this is required. +1
Any news?
Hi Vic, any further updates on this request?
Pleeeeease bring Pleexy support.
Hello Xin,

Any further updates on this integration?

Not good to see no replies from Dev!
I hope they would answer this. I am still on the fence if to use Todoist or Tick Tick, and this would be the deciding point
Come on TickTick - please for once listen to your users instead of wasting time on a habit tracker
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