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Remove some keyboard shortcuts

I would like to disable some of the global keyboard shortcuts in Ticktick, since most of them I don't use. Global shortcuts can get in the way when I'm working with other applications.

When I got to options, I can change the shortcuts to something else, but I'd like to un-set them.

Is there a way to do it?

Hi there,

Sorry currently there is no way to disable them. Could you please be more specific about which shortcuts you want to remove?
I want to remove some of those under the "Normal" section.

In particular:
Show / hide app : CTRL + SHIFT + 0
Lock / unlock ticktick : CTRL + SHIFT + L

In some video games key bindings can be unset by clicking on their text field to change it, and then pressing ESC or Backspace and it clears it instead.

Maybe it could work in a similar way?

+1 this! You've hijacked my IDE shortcuts
+1. Shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + L is ruining my IDE workflow.
Even typing the letter "N" pops up a new task while I write something with a letter n. It is not well thought at all.
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