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Reminders for individual list items?
Is there a way to create reminders for individual ‘list’ items?
yes. click on the line item, and then look for the alarm clock or stopwatch icon
Thank you! However, that alarm clock icon is present for some subtasks in lists and others not. For clarification, I have folders, then lists, then tasks and subtasks. Subtasks in some of the lists have the alarm clock icon while some of the other subtasks in different lists have no such option. In those lists where the subtasks don’t have alarm options, neither do the tasks themselves. It must me the way I have input the initial list within the folder. Any ideas?
Hi there,

You may refer to this link:
Thanks! Well I figured out what the issue was; I was using the tab key on my ipad keyboard to get to the subtasks. When you do it tthat way, the ‘alarm clock’ does not show up. You must tap on the 3 lines at the bottom left of the screen to create sub-tasks with check off squares, only then does the alarm clock appear allowing you the option of individual subtask alarms.

PS, I don’t think it is explained with that stipulation in your above noted support article.
Hello, this works on all platforms except on IOS, this feature was there before however i only receive a blank square with no options when i click on the little clock icon next to the sub task i would like to add a reminder to.
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