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Yahoo Mail Not Working on Chrome, iPhone and iPad

Well Instruction to Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working on Different Platform

If you troubling the same issue yahoo mail not working on google chrome, then no need to worry because these are just the temporary errors as well as you don’t need any extra effort to fix this type of issues. If you found your problem remains unchanged, then here are a few steps are given via that you can resolve your issue.

Steps to Fix Problem in Yahoo Mail Not Working With Google Chrome Are As Follows
Step-1: First of all, clear your browser’s cache

Step-2: From the Start menu -> All Program -> open Chrome application

Step-3: You need to click on “More” option, from the browser toolbar and then click on More Tools -> then go to the option Clear Browsing Data.

Step-4: In the Clear browsing data box, just click the checkboxes for Cookies as well as other site data along with Cached files and images for clearing

Step-5: You can use the menu from the top to choose the amount of data, which you want to remove from an exact date, week or month

Step-6: Otherwise, you can select Beginning of time to remove everything from the browser history

Step-7: As a final point, click on Clear browsing data.

We Hope, using the above steps will get the solution if Yahoo mail not working on chrome.

How to Fix Issue if Yahoo Mail Not Working on iPhone, iPad
There is some user exists which have yahoo accounts and they are complaining about some bugs in iOS because Yahoo mail is not working on iPhone after updating to latest version of iOS. On Apple community site, they ask is Yahoo mail down?; Yahoo email won’t work or not loading as like daily smoothly open inbox, sent box – Yahoo incoming mail server, Yahoo mail not receiving emails issues 2018, etc.

Steps to Fix Issue if Yahoo Mail not working on iPhone,iPad
Fix 1: Download the Yahoo mail app from the App Store

If the default mail app of iPhone is not working, then you should download separate Yahoo application which is available in App Store. If you don’t want to go for Yahoo application, then wait for the apple to respond to your query.

Fix 2: Set password if needed for the third-party application

If you are using iPhone mail app, then it is third party application for Yahoo. So set a third-party password by following steps.

Step #1: At first sign into “Yahoo” and open the “Account Security” page.

Step #2: Tap on Manage app password/Generate app password.

Step #3: Choose the app and click “Generate.”

Step #4: Follow and read the instructions below password.

Step #5: Click Done.

Step #6: Now your password is generated, and you can use this password and email address for signing in in the email app.

Fix 3: Sign-out and restart the device

Launch the mail app and sign out from your account and then force close the app. After that reboot the device and then relaunch the mail app and sign in with the similar mail ID.

Fix 4: Check Mobile/ Cellular Data

Without an internet connection, you cannot approach emails from the inbox. For that, you required a better data connection. So if you’re out of Wi-Fi range then allow the app to access the cellular data.

Step #1: Go to “Settings” and open “Cellular.”

Step #2: Click on the Mail app to turn on.

Fix 5: Set SMTP servers On your iPhone

Step #1: Launch “Settings” App and tap on “Accounts & Passwords.”

Step #2: Then click on “Yahoo” and then open “Account.”

Step #3: Next, click on “Outgoing Mail Server SMTP.”

Step #4: Enter your username and password.

Step #5: Set SSL to yes and port to 465.

Fix 6: Toggle on Allow apps that use the less secure sign in

Step #1: Go to “Yahoo” app and sign in.

Step #2: Tap on your Name and then tap on “Account info.”

Step #3: Open “Account Security.”

Step #4: Now find “Allow apps that use less secure sign in” and enable it.

Fix 7: Update the iPhone

Every update comes with some bug fixes and solutions. So there may be chances that your problem can be easily solved by updating the iPhone.

Step #1: Go to “Settings” App and Tap “General.”

Step #2: Click on the “Software Update” and check whether an update is available.

Conclusion : We hope you will get complete solution for yahoo mail not working on iPhone and iPad
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