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How to link email to premium accountH
I reported this via email but I am not getting any response. I had an account that was not in sync with my google tasks and wanted to start over again. So I deleted the account to import the tasks from Gtasks premium. However, now I find no way to linking back my email account to the premium account. How do I do this?

On a related topic, now I have a label in my Gtasks account that is not synching with Google tasks, perhaps because there are too many tasks on that label. Around 1400 including tasks that are done.
Hello there,

Could you please try to choose the sign in with "Sync with Google Task"? If you choose "Sync with TickTick", you can find “Exit TickTick” in the option menu of account Profile screen or the bottom of login screen.
Hi I already created another premium account because I was in an urgency. Now I have payed for two premium accounts but only using one. What is the correct way to proceed? You have all the data in an email to that is not being responded.

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