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Message URLs parsed incorrectly
It seems Ticktick is incorrectly parsing message:// URLs that normally should open in, but now they get launched in the web browser as an URL starting https://message// which is never what I'd want to happen with that. Is there a way to fix this behavior?
Hi there,

Could you please tell us the TickTick version you are using?
Thank you for your help. The version is 3.3.10 (123) on macOS where this occurs.

Just as a comparison, on the latest iOS version, the message:// links work correctly. They open with the corresponding message.

Also, on Windows they're not recognized at all as a clickable URL. Of course that's understandable due to Windows not supporting them natively. But I have my own custom URL handler for message:// links on Windows. So it would be nice if they were clickable there as well.
I reported this a couple days ago, too. It's been fixed in v3.4.0. I've just tested and linking now works properly for me — using x-postbox-message:// links.
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