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Plan my day feature on Windows?
Is the plan my day feature available on Windows? I see it is on Android but I'm not finding it any where on Windows or web. Will this feature come to call platforms in the future?
I also haven't found it yet. Maybe they are still working on it?
Hi guys,

I'm afraid that adding the feature to desktop app is not on our current to-do list. We will keep your suggestion in mind for the future.
Vote to include this feature for the Mac and Windows App in time. I cannot understand the focus on mobile but appreciate if the same features can be added to the desktop apps as I will believe that many people still do their daily/weekly/monthly planning on their desktop over a cup of coffee.

I really love OmniFocus' implementation of this "Review" feature and will love to see something similar implemented for TickTick. It can become overwhelming when one has many lists/folders and a "Review" feature will help to ensure that none of the to-dos are missed out amongst one's busy schedule.

Thank you for considering my suggestion.
+1 for plan my day on mac
+1 for Windows! As much as I love the mobile app, I probably spend 80% of workdays on TickTick desktop, and indeed weekly and daily planning over coffee is exactly what I do :-)
+1 windows/web feature please!
Love to see this for desktop
+1 windows/web
+1 windows/web
+1 windows/web
+1 windows/web
+1 windows/web
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