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Tasks duplicated in calendar
Hello, I am quite new to TickTick, and when I opened it today, some of my tasks have multiplied themselves so that they now appear up to 10 times per day, and so for some days, I have a list of 78 tasks instead of the regular 4-6. The amount of tasks increase over time, so while it is 78 tasks on one day in Feb, it is 170 for April.
What happened, and how can I delete these without deleting everything else, but without having to delete each single duplication for each single day?
Hi Saara,

This is weird. Could you please click Avatar - Feedback - Submit Feedback and send some screenshots to us?
Hi, ok, I did send the question in the feedback form in my ticktick page and uploaded screenshots. Hope this works out soon, the amount of tasks just gets more and more....
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