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Creating a task via email
When I create a task by emailing the address can I designate a list that they default to instead of INBOX?

IE. would like to create a list just for these and send the emails only to that list,

Hi there,

You may input ^list name in the email subject to assign task into that list.
Nope, doesn't seem to work. I tried both with and without the "^".

Hi there,

Could you please check if you use emoji as the list icon? If so, please delete the emoji and see if it works.
Works for me
I think I've narrowed it down to being a syntax thing when the list contains more than one word. For example:

^Shopping green beans
-- This will add green beans to the list called "Shopping"

^Shopping List green beans
-- This creates a task in the Inbox called "^Shopping List green beans"
Hi Arthur,

We don't support assigning to lists contain multiple words in the name.
Only the word before the blank will be recognized.
This will be noted as a feature request and passed to the product team for future consideration.
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