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IOS Reminders deleted!!
The fact that one cannot import Reminders in iOS without the content being deleted from the native iOS Reminders app was an issue before. Therefore, I deleted TickTick for a couple of months.

Recently, I decided to try again & resubscribed ASSUMING that this would absolutely have been fixed by now. At first, that seemed to be the consensus, and the new language in the app settings made me believe that it was the case. However, THIS MORNING I WOKE TO FIND THAT ALL MY REMINDERS IN IOS APP ARE 100% GONE!!

Is this due to TickTick or am I missing something? I certainly did not turn this on!! I DID NOT IMPORT FROM MY REMINDERS APP IN IOS!! I did not cause this! Who did? Where is my content??!!

Immediate response will be expected and appreciated.

Thank you.
Hi Julie,

Could you please confirm if the missing contents in Reminders can be found in TickTick?
I confirm that the missing reminders are NOT in TickTick...but!!! PLEASE NOTE!!!! I also confirm that I may have mistakenly accused ticktick when this was actually just a circumstantial (and very coincidental!) issue that may have— or most probably—originated in the iCloud and came directly from Apple!!
Please do accept my apologies. I make no excuse, and sincerely hope you can forgive me.

Thank you kindly,
Julie Pickar Luhring
I am having a similar issue in that there are 2 options in ticktick settings for importing reminders from ios: First is ‘import and delete’ from ios, and the second is ‘import only’. Well...... the import only option is still deleting the reminders from the native app but they do remain in ticktick.

Is there a fix for this problem?
Hi ted,
I may be mistaken (as I have been a lot lately! Ha!!), but I think you just need to update your app to the latest version. That’s not what it says in my app anymore....

Good luck!
Hi Julie,

Actually, I have the latest version (5.5.04) and TickTick is still deleting IOS reminders once they load into TickTick. The problem for me is this that in addition to deleting your reminders from IOS reminders, it also deletes them from any other calendar app you might be using like ‘Fantastical’.

This occurs under both reminder sync options offered in the TickTick settings: Import ONLY or Import and DELETE.

Hopefully this will be corrected promptly.
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