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Sync Problem Web/iOS with app opened

I encounter an issue with the Task/Reminder synchronization, even with the app opened:
1. App is opened on my iPhone 6s
2. I create a task on the web app on Chrome, both devices connected to the same WiFi
3. Nothing is shown on the iPhone
4. I need to manually drag to refresh the iOS app so the task appears

Used to work with the same setup. The same thing if I create the task on the iOS app (needs Chrome manual refresh).
Not even speaking on the background sync on iOS which is also not working.

Any setting I am missing?

Thanks in advance
Hey there,

If the manual refresh can be synchronized, the synchronization is normal.

The problem of slow synchronization will be fed back to the development colleagues for optimization.
Same here,

Random sync between iOS/Mac ... New lists created on Mac doesnt appear on the phone, and tasks completed on the phone doesnt update on the Mac.

UPDATE : Part of the issue was my part (I'm using TripMode and didn't whitelisted TickTick), but the issue still happening from time to time between iPhone / iPad (espcially on the Today widget) and on creation / modification of lists on Mac.
I just migrated my Wunderlist info to my Mac Ticktick account. That went well. I also just added the app to my iPhone 7. How do you sync the info from Mac to iPhone? And will this happen automatically in the future when I add to Ticktick on phone / mac? Thanks
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