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Automatic sync not working on MacOS Mojave?
I don't see anywhere in settings to adjust the sync schedule, but some time in the last couple weeks, I've had to start clicking the sync button whenever I come home and sit down to work. Otherwise, I won't see any of the items I created or rearranged while mobile.

+1 - happening to me, Mojave 10.14.6. TickTick 3.3.10 (123)
Confirmed on Catalina 10.15.2 as well. No sync-y. ����
Hello? Bueller?
This is still happening, devs.. not just Mojave either.

Update please??
Same thing happens to me, super annoying��
Well, I tweeted at them earlier today and somebody did something because it seems to be working again on the Mac. A little service transparency and devops discipline would be nice in an app I pay for…
Hi there,

Could you please do us a favor -> follow this guide and see if it is able to identify which platform is failing to sync on your end?
Sure, Xin. I’ll make time to do that this afternoon (Central US TZ).
Xin, since I don’t use the web UX, most of that doesn’t apply. But the MacOS client is the one that’s not syncing reliably when new items are created.

New items created on the Mac do not sync to the iPhone unless I force a sync on the Mac.

New items created on the iPhone do not sync to the Mac unless I force a sync on the Mac.

It seems as if a regular push sync stopped working on the Mac a while ago. Forcing a manual sync on the Mac is required any time I make a change, which is annoying.
Automatic sync hasn't worked on the Mac app in a few weeks. It is pretty frustrating. I gave up on it and went back to the web.
Hi guys,

Sorry for the trouble.

Could you please send us a feedback with log on Mac if it's Mac app that fails to sync. "Send Feedback" can be found when clicking Avatar.
Xin, I just submitted feedback and included the logs you requested. ��
When is a fix coming for this? I have 2 macs and neither is syncing, have to manually hit sync button every time. One is Catalina, one is Mojave.
I've just cancelled my subscription renewal until this issue is fixed.
Tweeting at then got their attention once. But they don’t seem to be interested in reproducing it (which shouldn’t be hard) or fixing it.

Apparently, the send-with-log feature doesn’t work either. ����‍♂️
Well, I don’t want to be too optimistic, but this seems to be working better today with just a couple seconds lag between doing work on my phone and it being reflected in the Mac app. ����
Then it slowed down and stopped this afternoon. Not predictable. At least the Mac client still syncs when I hit the button, but it’s annoying.
Got a note from TickTick that this was fixed yesterday. It seems to be all green on the Mac client now. Still wish there were adjustable prefs, but at least we’re reliably syncing again.
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