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Siri Additions Not Working
Hey there,

When I try to use Siri to add tasks to TickTick, it just tells me 'You'll have to continue in Tick Tick'.

Is there a fix please?

Many thanks.
Hi Cavan,

Could you please tell us the task content you are trying to input? We will try to reproduce it on our end.
But there is a possibility that Siri sometimes can't recognize TickTick.
Basically, I can say:

"Hey Siri, add 'reply to Mike' to Tick Tick it'll do it once.

Then when I try to use the same formula it tells me 'You'll have to continue in tick tick'

Hi, was this ever resolved? I have the same issue on Apple Watch series 5.

Not that I know of. It's really disappointing.
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