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Problems with payment
Hello. Sorry, i'm using a translator.
Yesterday I paid a premium, but my account was transferred to a free one.

Order number: GPA.3376-6239-5366-70744..0
Order date: 11 Jan. 2020 y. 11:22:45 GMT+6

You can check why the payment failed. Thanks
Hey there!

Did you purchase the pro via iOS, Android device or via website(PayPal)?

If it is via the App store OR Google Play store, please go to the premium page in TickTick, scroll down to the bottom and tap the "Restore" button, check if it is activated?

If that does not show you Premium features, please sign out and back into your mobile app. If, after that, you are STILL not seeing them, please contact us with your registered email address and the platform you made the purchase, we will make sure you get access to them right away.
I am using an Android device. Everything works. Many thanks.
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