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Feature Request: Auto Light/Dark mode OSX
With Catalina, many OSX applications allow for you to set themes to change automatically from Light or Dark. So at night my OSX theme changes from light to dark. It would be nice to have the option to allow for the TickTick app to change when the System default also changes.

Also, would be nice to be able to upload our own background images versus the stock ones provided, or allow us to pick from a wider range of colors.
Hi Colper,

Thanks for the feeback. We'll bring it up to the product team for future consideration.
Thanks, Love the app and I recommend it to everyone. Its darn near perfect with balance of simplicity/features and UI. But have noticed that when my OS changes to dark TickTick is always shinning bright (I know I can change it manually, but thought it would be a nifty UI feature).

Thanks for the response, great work and Happy New Year!
When is this coming??

Dark mode has been on the Mac since September 2018.. 15 months ago.
I'd also love to see this.
I'd also really like this, it does it on the iPhone, but not on Mac. Thanks :)
Yes please, this is the only app on my setup that doesn't do it.
+1 I assume this shouldn't be hard to implement, it's already available on mobile platforms.
Noted! Will add your votes to this function.
Yes, definitely. Automatic night shift would be great! 8)
Yes please, this idea gets my vote

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