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Cannot login to gnotes (web version and chrome extension)
Hello friends!
I cannot login to the gnotes web version and chrome extension.

I get the 503 error message at Request URL:

(that's from the Network tab from my Chrome) I would also send you a screenshot if I were allowed to using this form.
Please help me resolving this issue.

Thank you!
Also noticed another error message in the console (hope it shall be helpful)

Access to XMLHttpRequest at '' from origin '' has been blocked by CORS policy: Response to preflight request doesn't pass access control check: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.
I'm also having this problem. I can't login on Gnotes web. Did a password reset the email didn't send in.
I need all my notes.. Can anyone help to fix the login issue? Please help.......
Also have same problem
Can anyone help on Gnotes?
You can try using if you have signed onto a computer before seems to work but if you clear cache it won't. Has been an ongoing issue for over a month. People have tried emailing them and even contacting ticktick via facebook and have gotten no replies at all. If you are a new user just do a charge back and cut your losses.
I've tried but it returned a '404 Not Not Found'. Dang it! Any other solution? Thanks for your reply though.

Why the developer can be so irresponsible on the app that they developed? So many people around the world is relying on your app for taking notes.
Gnotes was the best note-taking app back in the year 2015. I've tested a handful of other app, nothing came close to what Gnotes can offer.
Please Gnotes.. Fix the login and sync issue.
Having the same login problems with the web version but my Android version is still working fine. Have sent in (2) emails with no reply.
I have the same problem I do not access or synchronize on the web. I can only access on android, afraid of losing files and photos.
Same thing here.
I tried to contact support and they don't answer at all and they don't care about our problems.

Let's move all to EVERNOTE!
Can anyone still able to access to GNotes web? I need my data back!
Please GNotes.......... don't abandone your loyal users! Don't make us regret in paying for your app.
I reached out to them multiple times last year. I finally gave up. No web browser works on a windows computer, tried IE, FireFox, Edge, Chrome, and PaleMoon... I strongly recommend a note app called "STANDARD NOTES" - very secure and just works on every platform. I have been using Android app to copy everything out of and into StandardNotes
I wrote you 2 emails without an answer, thank you for addressing the problem and helping to solve it, I paid you it is not appropriate for a company like you that ignores loyal customers
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