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Sound Notification
why i dont get sound notification on reminders although this functionality is on (in the app & my phone) ? only the phone vibretion is working with no ring tone.

Could you please check if your phone is ringing?

And could you please check your TickTick's settings - sounds & notifications - ringtone, did you chose silent?
Yes my phone is ringing :-)

The ringtone is on: TickTick Pop
Hi Michael,

Could you please try select another ringtone and see if it rings while selecting it?
No none of the rings work only the vibration
I'm having same issue samsung 10 and get no alerts notifications when someone comments on a task. Can this be fixed please. It works for apple only it seems.
Any progress with my enqiry ?
Hi Michael,

Sorry if my expression is not clear. I mean whether you can hear sound when you select other ringtones in the ringtone list.
Hi Nicole,

Alert notification for comments is not available. But if the member @ mentions you in the comment, you'll receive notifications.
Yes I do hear sound
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