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Add via Siri issue.
've been using the advertised Siri shortcuts like "Hey Siri - Add milk to shopping list in tick tick" with my Apple Watch for a year. They have always worked well but now suddenly, they keep getting added to the inbox rather than specified list. Is this a known issue with the current version of Tick Tick, Apple Watch OS, or iPhone OS?
Hey there,

Thanks for reporting it, we will let the devs look into it ASAP.
Thanks, though I found that if you have matching list in Reminders, even when not connected, all tasks end up in inbox. Once I deleted the “grocery” list from reminders, it started working when adding to Grocery list in TickTick.

Hey there,

Glad you figure it out!

Yes, we just discussed it with our devs. That is indeed why it happens.

"in tick tick" is not recognized by Siri while it happens to be a matching list in Reminders, if you at the same time enable the auto-upload from Reminders in TickTick, your tasks will then be added into Inbox.
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