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Sync broken between Apple Watch and iPhone
Hi all,

Since today i'm not able anymore to get my tasks on my Apple Watch. I can see only the Inbox list and it is empty...Everything is working fine on the iPhone.
I don't know if these problems come from a last update of the application, everything was working fine before...
Anyone has the same issue ?
I am facing the same issue. The ios app wasnt updating at first. So I uninstalled and reinstalled the app on the watch. After this, all the lists I selected show 0. No tasks are visible. Looks like the entire apple watch app is broken.
Tried the same thing, uninstalled and reinstalled...also tried to logout login on the iphone app but nothing happened...Even if I check a personal list in the settings app to be shown on the watch app, I can not see it.
I can confirm that sync to the Apple Watch is broken. I did the same troubleshooting that JennyMimi did with no fix to the problem. Hopefully the devs see these posts!
I'm having the same issues and have tried similar troubleshooting steps. I hadn't used the Apple Watch app for a few days but the iOS update is the most significant change since things worked properly...
I just installed the last update released today and the sync between watch and iphone is back. Thanks for the support.
Working for me too. Thanks.
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