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Markdown: Is this a bug or the intent of the design?
It appears that one can only use Markdown if there are no subtasks in the web app.

If you have an existing task with subtasks, the task description remains plain text only. It doesn't seem possible to have subtasks AND use Markdown in the task description area as the Markdown editor only appears if there are no subtasks. Therefore I'm wondering if this is intentional or a quirk of the layout that got overlooked?
Hey there,

We are afraid this is the intent of the design.

We currently positioned "subtasks" as lightweight check items, tiny steps and points -> split an exact to-do into several actionable steps, or shopping lists, book lists, etc.

That's basically the idea behind how we decide to put it in this way.

As a substitute for the subtask feature, you can try to use the - [] identifier to enter the checkbox directly in the note area.
It seems silly to me to have it work so unintuitively. What gain is there from setting it up this way as opposed to just having the description always be able to have markdown?
+1 for markdown in descriptions for tasks with subtasks!!

Doesn't make any sense to disable the markdown feature.
+1 This makes no sense, nearly all my tasks have subtasks to clarify precisely how to carry out the task. This means markdown doesn't even exist as a feature for me.
I strongly urge the devs to do some basic UX experiments before making such decisions. It seems you are just deciding among yourselves without ever considering what your actual paying users will be comfortable with
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