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Local calendar titles displayed incorrectly
Hello! I've been trying to learn more about TickTick and like it so far but have run across a weird thing on the Mac version...When I subscribed to the local calendar the time blocks for the different individual calendars are correct however the title is displayed incorrectly. Instead of the actual event it lists another event on my calendar. When I click on any one event the pop-up window has the correct info on it looks like it won't mess up my actual calendar, but I can't see what the actual events are. I don't have this problem on the web or iOS version. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Mac app, checked my local calendar (which is just fine), and subscribing and unsubscribing to the local calendar.

I would prefer to work from the Mac version....I LOVE being able to have a keyboard shortcut option to add tasks.

Any suggestions? Thank you!!
Thanks for reporting it. Does the local calendar title name issue still exist?
You may write to us via Settings -> Feedback & Suggestions -> Submit feedback via our tickets system, we will get back to you asap.
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