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Google Home (yet again) / IFTTT
I know there are plenty of other threads about this, but things have changed...

So you there's no native integration for Google Home or Alexa on TickTick. Lots of people were talking about workarounds involving IFTTT, and that's what you can see in all the other threads about this.

Unfortunately, Google seems to have clamped down on their API, and IFTTT doesn't seem to be able to send emails any more.

It's the end of November - has anyone successfully figured out a workaround to add tasks to TickTick using a smart speaker? Maybe Macrodroid or Tasker? Anything?

I'm stunned that they're not considering implementing this integration. It's a deal-breaker for me. I much prefer TickTick to Todoist, but being able to add tasks while driving, cooking, or otherwise hands-free seems like basic functionality that is missing.

Alexa integration has been just available this week, you may go have a try and send us some feedback via
Hi. How is this accessed? There's still no Ticktick skill available for download. Thanks.
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