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Google calendar events don't sync correctly
I have the ticktick app for mac and third party calendar option turned on. For some reason it has synced some calendar lists but not all. If I connect apple's local calendar with google calendar en connect the ticktick app with that local calendar it does show all the events from every calendar list. In both cases all my google calendar lists are turned to show in both the task lists and the calendar.

On the web app it does show all my google calendar events. In the dekstop app next to the calendar tab in the left sidebar it says it contains 30 items, but in the web app it shows 40.

This means 10 events are missing. All of them are recurring events, so that might have something to do with it.

Is this a bug or is this just not functioning well on the mac desktop app?

(I recently switched from windows to mac and did not have this issue in the windows desktop app)
Hey there,

Technically there is some discrepancy between the web and macOS rules to pull data from Google Calendar ends. Currently, only the first cycle of the repeating events can be synced in macOS, so it will show fewer ones than the other ends.
The development team has been aware of it, we will get it corrected and consistent on all platforms asap.
Thanks for the info! Don't know if it helps but in my case the first cycle also did not appear. All of the recurring items did not show.
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