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Ticktick Feed Google Calendar Events Duplicated on Windows app
I have created a link to subscribe my google calendar to ticktick and added my google calendar info to ticktick.

Using the windows app I seem to have a loop of my ticktick events duplicated in my today tasks.

They do not show in the web version or on Android.

But on Windows I have a duplicate of each task. When I click to complete the main task the duplicate does not move to completed so my task list for the day is a mess.

I cannot use calendar integration with the windows app until this is fixed.

Is this a bug or something I am doing wrong?

Nope, nevermind.

The web version of my today list is littered with duplicate calendar events from today as well.

Literally everything I had in my today list I completed or moved to another day is still there as a duplicate calendar event I can't remove.

I bought the pro version for calendar integration. My today list is a complete mess like this.
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