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Smart date parsing with tags

Firstly, thank you for continuing to update the app and maintaining it so well. My team & me feel lost with TickTick.

Off late I have been having trouble with smart date parsing feature. Whenever there's #tag and day/date in a task, the app sets the due date correctly but it removes the wrong text.

For e.g.
Task → #me Check my status Sunday
Strange behaviour → In the above task, the app should highlight the word Sunday and remove it after I hit enter to save the task. But instead it highlights the letter "us sun" and removes them when I hit enter to save the task. So my task ends up looking like this
Task → Check my statday.
This happens only if I have a tag in the task, otherwise it works normally.
I am running the latest version of the app on Mac Os Catalina.
I hope I was able to articulate the problem, well.
Can you help me out please.
Please look into this matter guys!
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