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Feature Request or Bug? Viewing Tasks Grouped by Tags in Search Result
When I create a Custom List and set the search/filter criteria to filter by tags, as expected, I will see a list of all tasks tagged with the tags I selected.

However, a MAJOR flaw of these lists (AKA search results), is that when setting the view to filter or group by TAG, it does not show the results according to the tags set in the search criteria.

Example: I want to view all tasks tagged #tag-A and #tag-B. When I switch the view to be grouped by tag, I would then expect to see my tasks grouped by #tag-A and #tag-B as follows:

- task 1
- task 2

- task 3
- task 4

However, I end up seeing my tasks grouped randomly by tags at both ARE and are NOT specified in the search criteria . For example:

- task 1

- task 2 (also tagged #tag-A)
- task 3 (also tagged #tag-B)
- task 4 (also tagged #tag-B)

This makes it difficult to parse which tasks actually are tagged with the tags specified in the search criteria since I then have to read through the list of tags attached to each task to figure it out.

Please consider adjusting the group by tag display to only group by the tags that the user is searching for, and not other tags that are attached to the tasks.
Noted! We will bring it up with the team for evaluations.
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