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Can't connect my Google account (new user)
First time installing TickTick's windows Desktop client (so last version).

Trying to sign in with Google (since I'm already using it on web/Android via that account) and getting this glitchy google connection screen:

The "Allow" button is greyed out / unclickable and overall the embedded page looks ugly/buggy so something is clearly not right.

Using an up-to-date Windows 10 without any issues with other software.

Any ideas?
Hey Jeremy,

We have fixed this issue and re-launched a new version online, could you please download it again?
Hello Carol,

Just downloaded the exe again from your website and the issue is still occurring. Other people appear to be experiencing it as well:
Same thing, I reinstalled 3 times and tried to grant access with browser but it's not working

And yes I have a updated version
Hey Windy,

May I have a screenshot of what it shows when you try to log in? It works fine on my end.
No thanks, I already figured out.
How did you fix it?
I have the same problem... The allow button is like unclickable... And I have the latest version. How can I solve this problem?
Hey guys,

You may enter the web app -> Settings -> Profile -> bind emails with the account. Then log into the Windows version with the bound email and password for an alternative.
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