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sorting by date than priority
Is there any way to sort by priority than by date within priority
Hey there,

Sorry, we currently only support sorting by time. Sort of confused about what do you mean by sorting by date within a priority, could you please elaborate on it?
I believe what they're saying is a multi sort. So high, medium, low, then all highs chronologically sorted, all mediums chronologically sorted etc. The only way that I can think of to implement this is when you have it sorted by priority, click on the priority category (i.e. high) and instead of it collapsing, it prompts you for an option to collapse or sort. Although I thought the secondary chronological sorting was default behavior. Not sure though.
ToDoIst does this by default. It seems like common sense you would want things sorted by day then priority.
Noted! Will bring it up to the product team for evaluation.
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